World Building Game



Goals: be the one gathering most resources

The game is divided into eras.

Geological Times

Each player takes turns filling the map with natural features. These features determine what natural resources are available in each area.

Natural features should be selected randomly.

Now, players take turns building their first settlements.

Each player may have up to 2 settlements and their kind is randomly selected.

One of these settlements is the capital.

Encourage players to name and describe their nations!

Imperial Times

This is the bulk of the game!

Players take turns acting on the events. The number of turns is up to the players, but 10 turns should be enough.

Events are selected randomly.


Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds


C - lake S - river H - forest D - mountain

C - farm S - trade post H - resource D - mine


A - Exploration 2 - Famine 3 - Migration 4 - War 5 - Miracle 6 - Unrest 7 - Prosperity 8 - Natural disaster 9 - Influence 10 - Scientific breakthrough J - Coup d’etat Q - Expansion K - Colonization


A new natural resource was found. The suit of the card determines what resource it is. You may place it whenever you want.


Declare war against someone. If you win, you conquer one of their settlements.


A new monastery is founded.


If the unrest is succesful, the settlement is destroyed.

Natural Disaster

One of the natural resources become unavailable thus destroying all settlements that depend on it.


Select a foreign settlement. Pick an event to happen there.

Coup d’etat

Move the capital to another settlement


Found a new settlement. The suit determines what kind it is.


Conquer a settlement from a foreign nation.

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