Scrum Master Tooling

Scrum masters are like "servant leaders", almost like parents or cat herders.

Scrum masters...

remove blockers

Scrum masters should be aware that their work is to facilitate! It's easy to turn their work into bureaucracy, which is not ideal.

Scrum is all about strict timelines, procedures, and person.

The Scrum loop consists of:

Daily scrums are a moment to strategise on what to do with our tasks. They should be quick and direct.

Sprint retrospectives and reviews are different! Sprint reviews are more about the technical side of the work, while retrospective are about the personal one.

Sprint retrospectives are about:

Another side of planning is to revisit the historical data and improve the estimates for a work.

Kanban a tool that may help with Scrum. It consists of a table with a couple of


Ideally, tasks should be repeatable and well defined.

These columns were created to deal with industril engineering processes, but they can be rearranged to fit another areas, such as software development ("in review" and "blocked" are common new columns) and industrial design.

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