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What is always true in life? - Life is suffering - I am the only one that I can sometimes rely upon

What causes suffering in life? - Physical illness - Ignorance - Emotional illness - Environmental hazards

How does one treat physical illness? - Respect your body (eat properly, sleep well, exercise often, drink water) - Accept old age eventually comes

How does one get rid of ignorance? - Keep learning from people smarter than yourself - Keep trying new things (「初心わかるべからず」)

How does one treat emotional illness? - Make yourself happy every now and then - Learn how to cope with sadness when it eventually comes - Surround yourself with good people

How does one prevent emotional illness? - Keep your concerns private - Do not meddle with other people’s concerns unless it’s worth it - Learn how to endure and fight boredom in a healthy manner - Do not ignore your needs and biases

How does one get rid of environmental hazards? - Live in the best place possible - Ensure the means to one’s subsistence - Listen to nature and to the universe - Earn money (legally please)

How can I make myself happy every now and then? - Do stuff that I like - Be creative - Celebrate the people around me

How can I cope with sadness? - Accept everything that happens as is - Grief while not avoiding the pain that it causes - Do not do anything that I will regret later

What is the best place possible to live? It depends.

How does one ensure one’s subsistence? - As much as possible, make your own stuff (from tools to products, from ingredients to food) - “Nunca ponha todos os ovos no mesmo lugar”

Cris Silva Jr.

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