Backpack EDC

- Large backpack

- Tent

- Inflatable pillow, sleeping pad, sleeping bag

- Waterproof trousers, rain coat, running coat

- Washkit (shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste), towel

- Shoes, plenty of socks

- T-shirts, shorts, pj's

- Sunscreen, insect repelent, hat

- Food, zip bags, water

- Cup, bowl, something to cook

- Batteries, charging wires

- Water purifier (as last resort)

- Small mat

- Something to roll the feet (like a can or something like that)

- Med kit

- Dry bag (for electronics, drones, charging kits)


- Use 2 pairs of socks to prevent blisters

- Plan for 3 day cycles (food, clothing)

- No surplus

Cris Silva Jr.

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